Your absence is requested at the biggest non-event of the year:
The White Rose No-Show Non-Gala

The White Rose Leadership Institute is thrilled to request your absence at the First Annual White Rose Non-Gala. It will not happen on Sunday, December 1, 2019 (six months to the day from Give Local York!)

Cocktail hour will not start at 5:30 and no one is going to give a speech at 7 pm. The nonexistent silent auction will not end at 9 pm.

This Non-Gala is an opportunity that guarantees you a night of NOT having to attend an event, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your 100% tax deductible charitable contributions are helping to ensure the vitality of the nonprofit community in York County.

The White Rose Leadership Institute is the organization behind Give Local York and the York Federal Fellows Leadership Program. We know you love the York nonprofit community and value the services they provide to York County. You generously support them all year long and especially on Give Local York Day.

We also know you’re a busy person, and you’d like a night at home once in a while. So please don't come to our non-gala.

In not attending this non-event, you'll save yourself the cost of the ticket itself, the price of the tux or dress you'd have bought or rented, babysitter money, Uber and parking fees, the hassle of convincing someone to go with you, and, of course, getting asked to donate something to the silent auction and then seeing no one bid on it so having to bid on it yourself and then taking home this thing you never wanted in the first place and probably had to beg your friend who owns that place to give you.

By not attending this non-event, you'll also support the White Rose Leadership Institute in our efforts to aid York County, PA charitable nonprofit organizations so they may expand their capacity and develop and improve their leadership by providing training, tools, resources and technical assistance. You'll also help to bring the real party to York County on Friday, May 1, 2020 when Give Local York returns for its third year.

So stay home and support the nonprofit community of York County!

Does your company want to not sponsor a Non-Gala?
Email Meagan!

Gifts to the White Rose Leadership Institute dba Give Local York, a 501c3 organization (EIN Number 83-1246505), are tax-deductible as provided by law. Unless otherwise stated, in return for your contribution, you have received no goods or services. If you prefer to use a check and snail mail to secure your non-tickets, our mailing address is White Rose Leadership Institute, 144 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 206, York, PA 17401.