Bob Pullo, founder, White Rose Leadership Institute and York Federal Fellows

The York Federal Foundation—and later the Waypoint York Federal Foundation—was the charitable arm of York Federal Savings & Loan Association and its corporate iterations resulting from merger and acquisition to become Waypoint/York Federal Foundation. For that time, Mr. Robert Pullo served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Foundation, operating consistent with the mission and vision of York Federal and York Financial Corp. As the bank finally was ultimately acquired by Sovereign BankCorp and later Santander Bank, Mr. Pullo dissolved the Foundation and established an Endowment Donor Advised Fund with York County Community Foundation as the York Federal Foundation Fund and he continues to serve as the Donor Advisor. The York Federal Fellows Program was founded in 2005 through the York Federal Foundation Fund of the York County Community Foundation.

Matriculating its first fellowship class in 2006, the York Federal Fellows Program offers outstanding nonprofit executive leaders the opportunity to spend a year developing professionally and personally while expanding their leadership skills. With a grant of up to $5,000, executives can pursue their development and connect with other executives during regular workshop sessions throughout the year.

In 2017, the advisory committee of the York Federal Fellows Alumni, made the decision to spearhead a community Giving Day in York County, called Give Local York. The first-ever Give Local York Big Give was held on May 4, 2018 and raised $1,478,837 for 211 participating nonprofits in 24 hours.

Following the success of the inaugural Give Day and the feedback from nonprofits as to the value of an organization that would support them in their marketing, fundraising and capacity-building efforts, the York Federal Fellows Alumni made the decision to incorporate as a not-for-profit corporation on July 31, 2018 with a mission to aid and support York County charitable nonprofit organizations so they may expand their capacity and develop and improve of their leadership by providing training, tools, resources and technical assistance and at no charge or at a substantially reduced rate (based upon the organization’s ability to pay) so that such organizations can achieve a greater impact in the community and more effectively and efficiently deliver the goods or services envisioned by its specific charitable mission and purpose.

Today the White Rose Leadership Institute is here because Bill Wolf had a vision and a dream that the legacy of York Federal Savings & Loan would have a continuing influence of strengthening the nonprofit community, because he knew that their leadership would strengthen the core fiber of our community.
— Robert W. Pullo, Founder