York Federal Fellowship Post-Grant Report

 We rely on your candid grant reports to assist us in our grantmaking. Please give us your honest thoughts about the short-term results and the longer-term potential of the project, program or work for which funds were granted.

  • We are just as interested in what didn't work  as what did. Your candor will not have punitive consequences; while we understand the wish to focus on successes, we respect the insight involved in also sharing hard lessons learned. 

  • Your grant report should be based on the description and evaluation plan in your original proposal narrative. Please refer to your original application as your prepare this interim report.

Name *
Please provide a summary of your Fellowship activities completed. If there were any changes to the scope of your program design that was submitted with your original application, please indicate those changes here.
How are and how will you implement the skills and experiences you have had through your fellowship experience into your personal and professional life?
Please share how your fellowship experience has and will benefit both your organization and the York community.
Describe a story from your Fellowship and include photos, if available, by emailing to meagan@givelocalyork.org
Please detail program expenditures. Please also explain any budget variances from your original grant request you have encountered.